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The Catholic Church has a long and rich history of promoting and protecting the dignity and basic rights of refugees and migrants throughout the world. Catholic Relief Services was originally established to respond to the needs of uprooted peoples and a significant aspect of our work remains in this area. CRS is currently responding to the needs of refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), immigrants and victims of human trafficking.

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Poverty, injustice and armed conflict continue to forcibly displace millions of people across the globe:

CRS supports both the right of people to remain in their country in safety and with conditions worthy of human dignity as well as the protection and promotion of the rights of those who have little alternative but to migrate or flee their homes. CRS works with local church and nongovernmental organizations through development, emergency, peacebuilding and human rights programming, as well as policy and advocacy efforts, to address many of the root causes of displacement, as well as to respond to the needs of uprooted people.

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