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Make Us Teachers

We called him Teacher.

He came among us. He healed, preached, forgave sins and gave his disciples the power to do the same.

Sannah Turay works with a small group of first and second graders.

Sannah Turay teaches first and second graders in his class at a CRS-supported school in Sierra Leone. Photo by Karen Kasmauski for CRS

But first, he taught. And then he sent us out to be teachers. It is the work of educators that is most enduring. That's why almost all Catholic Relief Services projects have an education component.

As students in the United States return to their studies this month, we know too many more who don't have the opportunity to pursue a formal education because of poverty, because of war or because they are girls. Think of a child you care about. Imagine her life without the opportunity that an education affords.

You bring that opportunity—that dream—to countless children and adults every day.

Thank you.

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